Union Tax Solutions solves clients' problems from their perspective.

  • 「It's my first US tax return, so I'm worried if I can do it correctly...」
  • 「I am busy with work, so it's difficult to prepare a tax return every year by myself. I want to ask a reliable tax accountant...」
  • 「It's difficult to understand tax law. I want to talk to a tax accountant who understands Japanese and English...」
  • 「I want to reduce my tax liability as much as possible and receive more tax refunds...」

Do you have any problems like this?

Union Tax Solutions is familiar with the business culture of Japan and the United States and provides reliable services to taxpayers who file tax returns in the United States.

If you would like a free consultation or request an estimate, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


Individual Tax Return

  • Federal Income Tax Return
  • State Income Tax Return

Corporate Tax Return

  • C Corporation Tax Return
  • S Corporation Tax Return
  • Partnership Tax Return

New businesses, etc

  • New businesses
  • Business Licenses
  • Tax Consulting
  • Other Services

About Union Tax Solutions

I will deal with client's concerns on a person to person basis before I am a tax accountant.

Nowadays, times are changing rapidly, so I will provide services that will adopt to those changes through tax services. In addition, as a US tax expert, I will make proposals with maximum emphasis on tax savings.